Boy learning

3 Years to 5 Years

At LCC, we teach pre-schoolers how to manage their impulses and emotions in constructive ways, helping them successfully find their path. As they  develop independence and discoveries of their world , we partner with families to introduce and encourage children to practice sharing and caring, self assertion, managing sad moments/frustrations and empathy. Pre-Schoolers love to learn and full of energy so we provide an environment filled with activities such as arts and crafts, music, pretend play, physical play, science, puzzles, reading and writing to help them explore new things about themselves, one another and the environment. We teach them to understand routines and how this helps them to be confident and disciplined individuals.


Pre-Schoolers are encouraged to serve and feed themselves giving them a sense of making food choices and independence. They are served home made breakfast, lunch and healthy snacks from organic and whole grain products.